Lets Talk About Death and Dying


Wikipedia  defined death as “the termination of all biological functions that sustain all living organism…..”

I was shocked to learn that there are about 500,000 deaths in a year in England. There were 529,655 in 2015 (Office for National Statistics).

Death is often a taboo topic, it is not a topic we would commonly talk about on our dinner tables; we might talk about the death of a loved one or a celebrity, but hardly about death itself, Yet death is inevitable, it is a debt we all have to pay, once you exist, then you will surely die, it is only a matter of when.

Death is feared by most people because of the uncertainty of what happens after death. To some death represents a finality. While to many others, who believe in the concept of a judgement of either reward or punishment after death, death is just another…

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Out With The Old… In With The New

As the month of March draws to an end giving way to April, it is always a good time to reflect. March is the end of many things. For most, it is the end of the tax year (and financial year). For me, especially this year, March signifies the end of my time as a bachelor.

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It’s been 10 full days since I popped the question and 9 since I uploaded the video that broke the internet (I wish). But I also promised to upload the reaction video.

If you haven’t seen the first video, do not worry, it is embedded in this post as well. But you should really read it. There is a description of how the day went.

Hannah starts crying before the video even got to the best part! So she had to watch the video afterwards. You don’t have to cry though – just enjoy 🙂


On Wednesday 29th July 2015, I took a bold step and did a wonderful thing.

For about two months, I had been working on a project that was rather out of my normal scope. Whilst I enjoyed the challenge of starting (and completing) the project, it is not one I hope to ever do again. Not because I failed. Not because it took so much out of me. It is because I FINALLY made a commitment.

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